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Marvelous Marvilla

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Having a great time here at Marvilla in Destin! I took this picture off of our back porch and after watching a video by Scott Kelby, decided to work with the shot in Photoshop until it was just right! Here is a before and after…

Original Photo (Nikon D300, Nikon 60MM Micro Lens)


Working in Lightroom, I saturated the colors, worked with the Clarity settings, added contrast, etc. I always work with RAW files, so they can be modified easily and I can always return to the full resolution image.

Here is the first corrected image in Lightroom:


Because it has a few distractions, I took some time in Photoshop CS5 to clean up the image and here it is! See if you can find all the changes! Some are pretty subtle.

Finished Marvelous Marvilla!

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