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Henry – Acrylic on Plywood 30″ x 40″

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I painted this acrylic on plywood about 40 years ago (1972) of a friend of mine named Henry who sold Hoky Sweepers ( a great product by the way!) I did it from memory and took some liberties with his white beard and hair! My brother had this painting for about 20 years and for some reason decided to give it back! I guess having a guy with a face like this looking at you from a painting 30″x40″ could get kinda a bit intimidating – and can scare small kids! So Henry is biding his time in my basement awaiting his next venue. “Papa George, who IS that man? He’s kinda scaaawwyyy!!” Ava said when she saw him.

9/21 Update: Josiah and all the family were here this week. Josiah and I were in the basement and he said pointing at “Henry,” – “Papa George, the painting of that man is, well, kinda creepy! It scares me. Do you think when I come over you could take it down!!!”  “Sure Josiah, I’ll make sure I put Henry away next time you’re here.” “Good.” he said. “Thank you Papa George.” Josiah – always polite!

Now that I think about it I hung around some pretty “Scaaawwwwy” people back then! And I was one of them!

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