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A Pencil Portrait of Isaac – Using a Single Caran d’Ache Grafwood 2B Pencil on Duralar Film

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I’ve been doing drawings of our grandkids and just finished one of Isaac. He is so much fun! His laugh and sense of humor are contagious. He loves to kid, run, laugh, joke, eat, hug and generally be spontaneous! The last time I saw my mom alive in 2012 was when Christy and Justin and the kids met Carol and I at the assisted living where “Me-Mo” lived. Isaac was 2 and as soon as he saw Me-Mo he broke into a full run and tackled her at the knees, almost knocking her over. I’ll never forget that! We all laughed so hard and had a wonderful visit. Little did we know it would be our last. So when I told Christy I wanted to do a drawing of Isaac she said, “be sure and do one of him laughing!” I remembered this photo where Justin was pushing him on the tire swing at Jones Bridge Park near us. I think it captures his love of life and spirit! I used a single Caran d’Ache 2B Grafwood graphite pencil on .005 Dual Sided Duralar mylar film. I also used Pan Pastel blenders to treat the graphite as if it was “paint.” My Prismacolor Kneaded Eraser made a great tool for picking out highlights. Here is the time-lapse video of the drawing…

A Portrait of Isaac 9″x12″ Caran d’Ache Grafwood 2B pencil on Duralar .005 Dual Matte Film
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Meet Hurley! A graphite pencil portrait of a German Shepherd mix

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Coda – halfway finished…using Darrell Tank Five Pencil Method (fivepencilmethod.com)

I’ve been taking a course by Darrell Tank on the Five Pencil Method using 5 different hardnesses of graphite pencils (4H, 2H, HB, 2B and 4B), a camel hair brush, a “pencil like” eraser called a TomBow eraser and a kneaded eraser. Using just these few tools you can do amazing things! He suggests a rather inexpensive paper – Strathmore 300 Bristol Vellum available in tablets or sheets. (I used Strathmore 500 on this) I was working through the course and posted this drawing I was doing of “Coda.” I was halfway through the 8 week course and was contacted by one of Carol’s childhood friends about me doing a portrait of Hurley, her daughter’s dog, for her birthday about a month away. I said I’d be happy to try! Here are the reference photos and the final drawing. All reference photos were captured from iPhone screen captures and texts.

This is the final drawing – 8″x10″ graphite pencil on Strathmore 500 Bristol Vellum paper.

Hurley – 8″x10″ Drawing – Faber-Castell Grafwood Graphite Pencils on Strathmore 500 Bristol Vellum paper

Reference photos:

Screeenshot of Hurley in his relaxed mood!
A screenshot of Hurley
Original photo screenshot of Hurley


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