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GeorgePortraits-1God has been TOO good to me! I live in Johns Creek, Georgia with my wonderful wife Carol. I have twin grown daughters that love the Lord and married wonderful, Godly men who have dedicated themselves to a life of full-time ministry. If that wasn’t enough blessing, I have nine amazing grandkids! I managed the web, video and photo department for an Atlanta company for over 20 years and retired in 2012 to dedicate my time to my family and whatever else God has in mind! Art and photography have always been a passion for me. I see beauty in the simplest of God’s creations and in His most complex. I am concentrating on my original love of traditional art and specifically work in the amazing medium of Colored Pencil. I am also furthering my Digital Painting and Photo Restoration skills and work.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a need for any help with a portrait, photo restoration or other web and video need.

George G. Hoffman

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Websites maintained: georgehoffman.com, wordsoflifetracts.com, onlygod365.com


Facebook pages maintained: facebook.com/hoffmancreativemedia, facebook.com/onlygod365

Youtube Channel: youtube.com/georgeingeorgia

Twitter: twitter.com/georgeingeorgia

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