Memories Etched in Stone…

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KelbyOne-7-7-rocks-1003x1024I’ve been enjoying working on a weekly challenge at – a site dedicated to teaching and showcasing Adobe products by Scott Kelby. Every week an image is posted and a challenge is made to do something with it. This week was a granite rock image. After some thought I decided to “etch” some of my memories on it…a photo of fans at a Georgia Tech game…images of Atlanta…a photo of the downtown connector from the 15th floor of a building in Atlanta I took…a friend that works at a horse farm near me. Here’s what I came up with.

MemoryRocks1280pxHere is a second image I did from the rock. I superimposed at photo I took at the Emory Museum last year… EmorySculpture2014-07-12-Nuts-stonesculpture-1000px

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