Abigail at Tanglewood Farms

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We took a wonderful trip to Tanglewood Farms west of Cumming, Georgia a few months ago. I took “way too many pictures.” But this one stood out and I have been working on this drawing in Photoshop CC for some time. I used Photoshop’s brushes, the canvas texturizer, layer styles and other techniques to create a drawing that looks like what I used to do with gray charcoal paper, charcoal and white colored pencils. Using my Wacom drawing tablet, it really felt like I was drawing with a “real” charcoal pencil! I also used the little utilized Rubber Stamp Pattern tool that acts like Painter X3’s Clone or Quick Clone tool. I started a written tutorial on this technique but it got WAY too complicated! Maybe I’ll try a video tutorial.

Abigail at Tanglewood Farms
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