Avocado Elementary – the Science Club in 1960

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This article was published in the Miami Herald in 1960 about our science club at Avocado Elementary when I was in 3rd grade. I remember the college entomology textbook that I used to classify bugs. And the cork board I used to pin little critters and other poor specimens to in my mad scientist experiments! I recall me and Jimmy Hale spinning frogs in a centrifuge in his garage made from a washing machine motor to see if they were strong enough to stand the G forces of being shot into space in one of our three stage rockets. If they survived the centrifuge, they were promoted to astronaut. Me and Jimmy were members of the NASA junior astronomers club and took our duties seriously!

Many people are mentioned here. I am going to link to my high school facebook page at South Dade High School for tagging rights…1960 Miami Herald Article "Young Scientists" at Avocado Elementary

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