William Bradford – A Faithful Pilgrim

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I read a great book on a great man – William Bradford: Plymouth’s Faithful Pilgrim. What made it so real was that William Bradford was a great man of faith and the book reads like an episode of Survivor! What an amazing thing to land on a shore of a near wilderness in the middle of winter with little food, hand tools and a boat full of people that relied on God, him and his crew to keep them alive – and he was only 30!

The footnote for me is that he is in my family tree as one of my great…great…great grandfathers! (many greats in there). The book is available at Amazon.com. Here is the link:


Also, I found this really neat quote about Hannah Bradford – one of his daughters in my direct ancestry line:

“From the Signers of the Mayflower Compact and Their Descendents…Hannah Bradford, sixth child of Major William and Alice (Richards) Bradford was born May 9, 1662 and died May 28, 1758.  She married Nov. 28, 1682, Joshua Ripley, of Hingham, Mass. and removed with him to Windham County, Conn.  She was evidently a woman of superior education for the Windham records state that she was : a noble and useful woman, and remarkable, not only for intelligence and accomplishments, but for her skill in the art of healing.”  She was the first and for a long time the only physician in the settlement, and it is said that the first male physician, Dr. Richard Huntington, received much of his medical knowledge from her.  At the death of her grandmother Welthian Richards, Hannah received 40 Pounds , some bedding and clothing, and an additiona l5 Pounds to “put her in mourning” at the funeral. Inscription on gravestone…Here lies Interred the Body of … Mrs. Hannah Ripley the well beloved Consort of Joshua Ripley, Esqr who after she had lived a holy and Fruitful Life fell asleep in Jesus May ye 28th 1738 in ye 76th year of her Age.

Here is the my Family Tree link…from William Bradford to Sophia Gardiner (Josiah and I share the Gardiner family as our middle name!) Click the tree and then click it again on the next screen to see it enlarged:

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