Unexpected Blessings!

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We had a really disappointing dinner at a Destin restaurant Saturday night that we’d been looking forward to all day. The meal took forever and the food was cold. From there, we left for a place on the shore to enjoy the beach. By the time we got there, a massive lightning storm came up and we only had 15 minutes to enjoy the sand and surf. So things didn’t turn out exactly as we had hoped. But then, after we left the beach and drove over the Destin toll bridge, we looked west out over the water and saw the most amazing sunset! The sun was a huge orange fireball cut in half by the horizon over the water. And on the east side of the bridge was a giant wall of water hiding the eastern horizon with the massive greenish storm filled with lightning that had chased us from the beach. Amazing clouds and sky all around. If we’d been there five minutes before or after we wouldn’t have seen it. Christy said, “Bad service and a lightning storm provided us with a beautiful sunset!” I’ve been thinking about what she said and how disappointments we experience that can seem frustrating or meaningless can also lead to unexpected blessings!

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