Josiah’s Dream Truck!

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As Christy and Justin are giving directions to the moving men, Josiah
took this first picture of his dream truck while sitting on my knee.
He seemed to be in awe of the giant machine! Grammy was showing him
where the horn sound came out of the truck when the nice guy that ran
the moving crew asked if Josiah’d like to sit in the truck. Josiah was
in truck heaven! He was grinning ear to ear. Then the man showed him
how to pull the cable to make the really loud horn sound. And the
steering wheel horn with the little beep. Josiah pushed and pulled all
the levers while we all wondered if he’d fall head first out of the
truck. No, he was holding on quite well. In fact it took three of us
to extract him when it was time to go back to work! But Josiah didn’t
fuss a bit. He kept smiling at the nice man and said a polite, “Thank
You” as he walked back to the house.

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