Meet Sam David!

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Samuel David Wyatt (a.k.a. Sam David) was born on Sunday, February 22nd at 10:12 a.m! We are all so excited! Christy, Justin, Josiah and Sam David are doing great and are back home. I’ll be posting the full photo chronicle as soon as I edit through a couple HUNDRED pictures over the next few days! But here are a couple to start with. The close up of him I took when he was about one hour old (with the “mohawk” done by the nurse at his first bath) brought me to tears when I saw it. And the perfectly formed little hand. (Click on the photo to see it up close).

Such an amazing thing to see God’s handiwork and artistry. And that’s not even close to an adequate description of how God weaves us together in the darkness of the womb…

To hear the “rest of the story” visit The Wyatt Intermezzo.

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