Thank you George and Laura Bush…and Karl!

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I had the opportunity to go to the Georgia Chamber of Commerce Eggs and Issues breakfast. It was a great meeting for a lot of reasons, but for me personally, it had one of those special memories. It was on the Tuesday just a week before George and Laura Bush were to leave Washington and move back to Texas. Karl Rove was there with Donna Brazile as keynote speakers. Before the meeting Karl walked around some of the tables and said hello to people. Our table was one of those. When he got to me I stood up and looked him in the eye and said, “Mr. Rove, please tell Mr. and Mrs. Bush thank you for their years of service. Tell them for me and my family.” He paused, looked me in the eye with a smile that showed his love and respect for the Bush’s, and without any hesitation said, “I will do that. I’m flying back with them on Air Force One to Texas next week and I’ll do just that.” He then squeezed my hand as if to say, “I really mean it.” It was quite a moment for me. I have watched Karl Rove, George Bush and Laura Bush over the years and believe they are people of great integrity and leadership that will be missed. Like I heard Mr. Bush say at his last commencement address to VMI, “I know my decisions haven’t always been popular, but at the end of the day, I look in the mirror and ask if I was true to my convictions. If you can do the same and say, yes, then you will be doing the right thing and you will be successful.” Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Bush…and Karl!!!

I just said a prayer for each of them. When you read this, please do the same.

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