George Washington Hoffman (1734 – 1829)

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Here’s yet another George Washington Hoffman from my family tree…

George Hoffman, born in 1734 in Germany, was in this country in 1755 according to his obituary. He served as at teamster under General Braddock at the battle of Fort Duquene, near present day Turtle Creek at Pittsburg, on July 5, 1755. He purchased property known as Hoffman’s Barrens in 1762. He owned many acres of land in West Whiteland township of Chester County and was known as one of the founders of the Grove Methodist Episcopal church located near his farm. George had 11 children, 7 sons and 4 daughters. Two of his sons, George Washington Hoffman and Isaac Hoffman moved west to Williamsport, Pennsylvania (now Monongahela City) during the summer of 1816. George Died on 30 December 1829 and his son Benjamin, became sole owner of the family estate.

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