The Little Bird

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I love birds. We have several bird feeders at our house…to put it
mildly! And we bought a book on “Birds of Georgia.” Each time we see a
new bird species, we turn down the page of the book. It’s amazing how
many of God’s most amazing creatures live amongst us! One day I was
watching from about 12 inches away from the feeder at our back window. A
little bird landed on the feeder. A second bird landed just above it and
to the right. The smaller bird on the bottom didn’t quite seem to know
what to do. The bird above quietly reached into the feeder and got out
just the right seed. He (or she?) took the seed and reached down. The
smaller bird reached up and took the seed from its parent’s mouth. They
both lingered a moment and flew off. I know this happens hundreds of
times a day all around us! But what a picture of how God takes care of

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