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Carol and I had been dating for a while and we had a date that night. I don’t remember all the details of the day, but I had been working on my potters wheel and hadn’t taken time to get completely cleaned up before going to her house. Well, that’s putting it mildly. Carol claims I was covered from head to toe with mud! I really knew how to make an impression on a date! When I got to the house I was greeted warmly by all. Mimi, Papa, Carol, Dick and Bonnie (their poodle). Bonnie wagged her stub of a tail in one of those motions that just about make it invisible it’s going so fast. All of us went into the living room and Carol’s mom found me a chair that wouldn’t be permanently damaged by the mud I’d leave behind and the polite conversation began. Bonnie, who had, like all dogs, a few trigger words, sat politely nearby. After the usual chit-chat Carol’s mom said, “Well George, if you need to GO GET YOU A BATH, please feel free! The conversation lingered a bit longer and I finally decided I better get cleaned up. It was at least 15 minutes later. So I went down to the bathroom on the hall and pulled back the shower curtain to reach the faucets. Who is looking up at me with those dark black eyes and a bit of an excited, panting tongue sticking out? Bonnie! Throughout our whole conversation, she heard the words she had awaited all day…GO GET YOU A BATH! As soon as the words had rolled off Mimi’s lips to me, she’d taken it as an obedient signal that it was time for HER bath and she dutifully walked to the bathroom, hiked over the edge of the bath and sat in her position patiently until the wonderful time was to arrive!! I went and got the family who hooted and hollered and praised Bonnie as the good girl she was! I’m sure there are some spiritual lessons in there somewhere which you can comment on like “A master hears his voice and dutifully obeys”

What others do you see! I just remembered this the other day and laughed out loud!

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