I Am David

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One of my favorite books is a book by Anne Holm called “I Am David.” I
was browsing my journal and saw this quote I’d written down as I read
it the first time. The story is about a young boy name David who grew
up in a prison camp during World War II. He was able to escape and
went to try to find his mother traveling by himself all over Europe.
All his life he had been surrounded by the bleak gray prison walls. It
is a story of his discovery of the things we all take for granted
every day. Here’s a quote as he sees a flower after the rain…

“One morning, by the side of the little stream he had found a red
flower. A drop of water had fallen onto one of its petals, and a ray
of sunshine had caught it and made it tremble on the flower in David’s
hand and glisten with many colors. And David thought that if a ray of
light from the sun could have made a drop of water speak, its voice
would have been like the clearest note of the violin…”

I love that book!

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