Glittery Pink Shoes and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

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>Carol took Christy and Lisa on a Target run the other day. Abigail (age 4) saw some really cute glittery pink shoes. Is this a special gene at work here? Maybe heredity! Anyway, she just loved the shoes and, of course, they were soon checking out with them in the bag. When she got in the car, Abigail put on her new glittery pink shoes and exclaimed, “Grammy, I’m going to wear these shoes the rest of my life and even when I get to heaven, I’m going to wear these pink shoes!”

I have been really sick the past few days and last night Carol asked me if there was anything I was craving to eat. I told her I’d love a grilled cheese sandwich and some tomato soup. When she brought me the sandwich and I took a bite I said, “I hope when we get to heaven, we all get to eat grilled cheese sandwiches!” Then I remembered what Abigail had said. Isn’t it neat to think that all the great things we like about this life – pink shoes, dogs that we know we’ll see in heaven, grilled cheese sandwiches – are just a foreshadowing of infinite joy and riches that await us in heaven! Of course I know there will be riches beyond pink shoes and grilled cheese sandwiches! But isn’t it exciting to think of what we REALLY have to look forward to? It makes the troubles of the day a bit easier to take!

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