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>I was reading Justin’s blog about his calendar with funny church signs. I have one of those “church sign per day” calendars and there is something about it that makes you pick it up and read. Attempting to be cute about something as majestic and infinite and mysterious as God is quite an impossible stretch. But some do make me chuckle. Some make me cringe. But I saw one that made a very insightful statement. I think (I hope) they were just trying to be cute, but the message on the sign pierced a truth. The sign said “Visitors welcome, members expected.” A simple statement but quite frankly a dangerous approach to the church body or to corporate worship. The sign was saying “you might feel welcome when you get here, but if you stay around long enough, that’s going away! We expect certain things done (I imagine a stern thin man with a ruler in his hand) and you better know you’re expected to perform.” That’s not all bad. People accomplish what you expect. If you have low expectations, you will get low results. If you have high expectations, the person will be more likely to meet the expectations. And a healthy church involves it members in the life and service of the body. The point was the “worker volunteers” were worked to death without appreciation. And serving without a word of thankfulness and a sincere feeling of welcome each time you drive to the parking lot to serve, the experience can lessen the joy of “servanthood.” That’s one of the things I love about serving at North Point. Carol and I get unexpected cards (even gift cards) from the staff at the church saying thanks. The appreciation is real and heartfelt. It tells us “members” are welcome too!

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