A lost puppy found! Sort of…

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It bothered me when I heard Ava lost her little stuffed puppy. She was so excited when Carol and I bought her a little $7 stuffed TY puppy from the Claire store at The Avenue after celebrating Justin’s birthday. I looked really out of place in the store with all the bows, bells, lace and “pink”. The little puppy was all white with a little TY button. It looked real, even though it was only about 6″ long. A perfect little replica of a white toy poodle. Ava latched on to it as soon as she saw it in the store. There was just one clerk in the store. She didn’t seem to mind that Abigail tried on the feather “wrap around your neck” thing, the huge sunglasses, the princess crown, the Cinderella shoes, several strings of beads and a couple wig thingies. I expected any minute for the girl to say something, especially with pink feathers flying in the air as Abigail and Ava danced in front of the mirror. Ava mainly wanted to hold the little TY doggie. “Puppy, puppy, puppy…” she said as she showed it to everybody. I got a cute picture of Ava and her puppy before she took it home. But then somehow she lost it outside the house when a big dog scared her. I hated she lost it. I stopped in three different stores to pick out just the right one to replace it. They sell them at magazine stores for people traveling to take home to their kids…or grandkids. Finally tonight, Carol went back to the Claire store, bought her one just like it and gave Ava her puppy back. I was home sick, but got to talk to her on the phone while Carol was taking her to the mall. “Did you have a good day?” “uh-huh!” “Did you eat Chick-fil-a?” “un-huh” What else happened, Ava? “I got a puppy and a baby!” It reminded me of a Steve Brown story about his little dog. I’m sure Ava prayed in her heart that the little puppy would come back. She didn’t understand exactly how the prayer was answered. But she did experience grace. And as a result…joy!

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