Christmas Cousins

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PhotoShop CS3 Tutorial:

1) Original Photo – the original photo is really nice, but I want to put it in a dark frame and create a more artistic and timeless feel to the picture. These are my three grandkids and I want the to look…well, adorable!

2) I added a layer with an extreme gaussian blur. I created a layer mask and painted away the blur from the faces I wanted to be in close focus.

Here’s what it looks like at this point.

3) I added an adjustment layer for hue and saturation and then darkened the whole photo with the sliders

4) Using the layer mask for the adjustment layer,
I painted out the areas I wanted the original bright tone.

5) Finally, I wanted a less saturated look with a bit of
a brown tone. I created another adjustment layer for
Hue/Saturation and hit the Colorize button, Hue 38
and Saturation 15. I then used the layer mask to paint
color back into the faces and bring out some of the red.

It’s really fun to get three wiggly kids to sit in one place at a time, especially when there are so many things to explore!

Equipment: Nikon D300, Nikon 18-200 VR Lens, SB800 Flash, Gary Fong attachment.

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