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Well, I got the Nikon D300 actually about a 6 weeks ago from Best Buy. It was hard to find locally and i was thrilled to see it online. It had taken me months to get the D200. I already have a nice compliment of lenses from having the D200 a couple years.

Cameras: Nikon D200, D300, Canon Powershot 750 ELPH for keeping in my pocket
Lenses: I’m using the Nikon 28-105 Macro, Nikon 12-24 wide angle, Nikon 18-200 telephoto (which is almost always on the camera). At the suggestion of a photography friend, I got the Nikon 60mm Macro lens which has quickly became my favorite lens. The clarity of the lens , accuracy of focus and ease of manaul mode, especially in the macro mode is amazing.
Flash: Nikon SB800, SB600, Gary Fong (www.garyfong.com) diffusers
Software/Hardware: iMac 20″, Macbook, G5 Dual tower, Aperture for Photo management.
I am so impressed with the D300. It is clearly superior over my D200. To get really technical, it just takes better pictures. I don’t know exactly why yet. I really love the setting that allows you to see exactly what is in focus within the 51 area focus grid. I also really like the view that shows the photo, the histogram, the setting, white balance, etc. I should also mention my other equipment – mainly the SB800 flash and a Gary Fong lens thingy. I use is almost all the time indoors and most of the time outdoors. I guess I ought to post a recent photo now and hit the sack…

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